You Don’t Know How To Plant Roses

You Don’t Know How To Plant RosesWe are sorry if we offended you with the title of this article, but if you are hear than you are wondering what you did wrong. Be honest with yourself and pay attention to our article on how to plant roses so that your next venture can be a successful one.

Roses are one of the most majestic flowers in the world. They are often referred to as the “king of flowers” and are the most gifted cut flower in the world. There are not many people on this planet that are not familiar with roses, but not many actually know how to plant roses on that same note.

Planting rose bushes can be extremely rewarding, but you need to do a little research before you get started. If you do your homework, you will have a great plant and have fun taking care of it.

This is a general set of directions about how to plant roses. It really depends on what kind of roses you are planting, but this will get you moving in the right direction.

Chose What Variety You Are Going To Plant

Chosing the right varietyThere are thousands of different rose species and variations to choose from. Each variety has a preferred climate, planting location, and water requirements. Finding the perfect rose for your location can mean the difference between surviving and thriving.

If you choose the right rose species from the start, you will significantly increase your chance of success. The wrong rose will be much more difficult to take care of and you will have less room for error. Starting off on the wrong foot is not on our list of how to plant roses.

There are also different rose species that are meant for different planting locations. If you are looking for a rose bush that will look great growing on your fence, then a rose bush is not going to give you the results you are looking for.

Decide Between Bare Root And Container Roses

Once you decide what rose species you want to plant, you will need to decide how you want to start. The direction for how to plant bare root roses are much different than those to plant container roses. Each one has its advantages, but it really depends on when you plan on planting them.

Bare Root Roses

Planting bareroot roses the right wayPlanting bareroot roses the right wayPlanting bare root roses give you a big advantage over planting container roses if you are planting early in the season. This process allows your plant to focus all of its energy on growing new roots before attempting to flower. Container roses are typically already in bloom and the rose needs to focus all energy on keeping those flowers in bloom as long as possible.

The first thing to understand about how to plant bare root roses is that you need to plant them early. The earlier you can plant them, the better. Up to six weeks before the average last frost is optimal. This allows your new rose to come out of dormancy and use the built up energy to start rooting right away.

Container Roses

planting your flowersIf you want instant results, you will want to purchase contain roses. These are the rose bushes that you see in gallon buckets with flowers that already look amazing. It is best to plant these roses early in the spring but after the threat of frost has passed.

Give them about a month after planting before you fertilize for the first time. After that month, it is essential that you fertilize them with a good rose fertilizer. They are at a disadvantage because they weren’t in the ground when they came out of winter dormancy and will need all the help they can get to prepare for winter.

Where To Plant Them

Once you have decided what you want to plant, you will need to decide where to plant it. Planting a rose in the wrong spot is a sure way to ensure that it will not thrive. Read the directions for the species you purchased, but these general directions apply to the largest number of species

Roses need to have full sunlight and will not do well in the shade. They need at least 5 hours of direct sunlight and prefer to get that sun starting first thing in the morning. The morning sun will help wake your roses up early and give them a jump start on the day.

Here are some more tips on how to plant roses in the right direction:

  • In hot climates, provide shade from the hottest sun of the day.
  • In cold climates, provide a wall or fence to help protect them from cold winds.
  • Ensure the soil drains well. Soils that hold moisture cause roots to rot.
  • Do not plant with many other shrubs or trees that will act as competition.

Plant Your Rose

How to Plant Bare Root Roses

  • Dig a hole that is larger than the plant itself. This will give you plenty of area to plant without giving up and planting it too shallow. This also will loosen the dirt around the plant so that the roots have some easy soil to grow in from the start.
  • Mix some compost into the soil that you removed. This will add some organic nutrients to the soil, helping your rose get started on the right foot.
  • Place your new bare root rose into the hole with the root-to-stem union about an inch under the ground. Make sure that all of your roots are in the whole and not pointing upwards.
  • Fill the whole with your soil and compost mix while ensuring that your plant stays in place. Make sure that you fill the hole and don’t leave any air pockets that will hurt your roses in the future. Pat the soil down firmly while you are filling to make sure there is not room for air.
  • Water your new rose thoroughly so that the water soaks the soil entirely. Keep watering until the soil starts to pool on the surface and you feel confident that the soil is completely moist.
  • The final step is to mound the soil about 6 inches high until you notice that is has started to bud. This process will help keep your roots protected from the cold and help them start growing as early as possible.

Container Rose Planting

  • Dig a hole that is 50% larger than the container you are trying to plant. This gives your rose a buffer zone between the plant and the hard packed soil around where you are planting. The zone of loose soil will help encourage roots to expand as much as they can from the start.
  • Squeeze the sides of the pot gently and remove it from the pot. Squeezing will help loosen the soil but make sure that you do not squeeze hard enough to cause damage.
  • Loosen up the soil and roots to give them some air and room to grow. Some growers even suggest that you make vertical cuts in the soil mass so that you can spread the roots out straight.
  • Place your new plant in the center of the hole. Make sure that it sits level and straight, with the soil level about even with the existing level.
  • Fill around your new container rose with backfill mixed with compost or potting soil.
  • Water your new rose thoroughly until you start to see water pool on the surface of the soil.