Behold The King Of Flowers

Roses Stand for Love And BeautyAdmit it, the first type of flower that you think of are roses. They are the number one gifted and the absolutely favorite to receive flower on the market. That is why the rose is considered the king of flowers.

Roses are one of the most beautiful and elegant flowers on the face of this planet. There are so many different shapes, sizes, scents, and colors to choose from that you are destined to enjoy at least a few. If not, then you are bound to have a loved one that will take them off your hands for you.

Roses have traditionally become the go-to gift for loved ones if you don’t have any idea at all. Whether you are going on a date, planning and anniversary, or sending flowers for mother’s day, the king of flowers is sure to show up somewhere in that planning. You simply can’t go wrong if you chose roses over any other flowers!

Some people argue that the rose should not be the king of flowers and believe that someone just made that up. They believe that there are more colorful, more beautiful, more fragrant, and more elegant flowers that are deserving of the name. While there are flowers that might beat the rose in each of those categories, no one lands in the top considerations for all of the above.

Roses are the perfect combination of all of the qualities that one would look for in a flower. They perform well in each and every aspect of being the greatest flower their ever was. That is where they get the name from!

Looking past the amazing qualities a rose provides, you will see the storied history they bring along. There is no other plant in the world that has been in more books, more poems, or more songs than the rose. You will find this amazing flower at the center of many stories throughout all cultures in the world.

Love And Beauty

Behold The King Of FlowersSeveral cultures believe that roses have a very significant meaning in their lives. The Greek, for example, believe that the king of flowers is a sign of pure love and beauty. They believe these elegant flowers only surface when Venus, the god of over and beauty, arrived from sea.


Most people also consider roses to be a sign of secrecy. This is a tradition that has been around since the 16th century English servants. They would wear a rose over their ear to ensure that anything that they hear will not be repeated to anyone else.

This symbol of secrecy is still around today all over the world. If someone has a secret crush or love, the most common thing to read about is to secretly send them a red rose.


Roses get their nickname because they don’t need anyone to announce their name when they show up to a party. When they walk in, everyone knows who they are and most people know why they are there.

You will see them referenced everywhere throughout the history books. It is not news that these are one of the most elegant and beautiful flowers you can find. They have always been able to live up to the name king of flowers.

How Long Do Roses Last In The Real World

How Long Do Roses Last In The Real WorldRoses are some of the most beautiful and meaningful flowers that someone can give. After receiving them, you will need to cut the stems and place them in a pot with water and flower food if it was included. The next step is to admire their beauty every day and wonder how long do roses last.

This question is much harder to answer than one may imagine. There are several different factors that will affect them answer. For example, if those roses were on display for a week before you bought them, they will not last as long as ones that were cut last night.

If you are looking for a generalized answer to how long do roses last realistically, then 2 weeks is the most likely answer. If you want the real answer, you will need to look through the factors below and make an estimate.

Which Variety Do You Have?

There are thousands of rose varieties and each one can be expected to last a different amount of time. While most see red, white, and pink roses, there are actually many more factors that affect the lifespan.

Each variety of rose has a different color, different size, number of peddles, and smell to it. The rule of thumb is that a red rose will generally outlast any white rose on the market for example.

The Growing Methods And Growing Conditions

Picking The Right Flowers To Say SorryIf you plant two of the exact same rose plant in two different locations, you are likely to get different results. If one farm has great soil, in the perfect climate, with ample fertilizer, there roses are going to last longer than the ones growing independently in my back yard.

The location in which the rose was grown has the biggest impact on how long do roses last. A rose great draining soil is much better than the clay that can be found in some locations. Factor in the temperature and amount of rain and you will have drastically different results.

Time And Conditions In Immediate Transient

As you could imagine, the amount of time and the conditions the roses are in while traveling to you will have a huge impact on how long they last. If your rose in thrown in a hot trunk and driven across the country over the course of a week, they are not going to last as long as one picked in your back yard right now.

Time In Transient

Most reputable rose sellers will purchase their roses locally so that they are still fresh when they sell them. They want the roses to look fresh as long as possible just like you do. That gives them the best chance to sell them for full price.

Conditions In Transient To Store

If your roses were shipped in from another location, then you better hope they were stored correctly. It is important that they are stored with water in a cool environment. You may have noticed that flower shops keep their displays in specific conditions so that they last for as long as possible. Those conditions are the same as you are looking for when being transported.


Tips On How To Keep Roses Alive

Tips On How To Keep Roses AliveRoses have long been one of the most gifted flowers on the planet. They are beautiful, fragrant, and elegant all at the same time. In this article, we are going to discuss a few tips on how to keep roses alive so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible.

There is a lot that can affect how long your rose bloom will last when you put it in the center of the table. Some of the tips will help you select when, where, and how to cut the rose from the bush while others will help you keep roses alive longer after they are on your table.

If you are cutting the roses yourself, then you can follow both sets of tips and get the most out of your beautiful flowers. If you received some from the store already, then you can just skip to the second part that pertains to you. None of these are labor intensive and most just suggest ways to improve on something that you were already going to have to do in the first place!

Cutting Your New Flowers

  1. Water your rose thoroughly the night before you plant on cutting. This allows the flower to soak in as much water as possible and extend its lifespan.
  2. Cut the rose in the morning – Cutting them in the morning before it gets hot and they start to dry out makes a huge difference. You want to conserve as much moisture as you can.
  3. Cut the stem at a 45 degree angle. This angle gives them the most usable surface area in the water to absorb needed nutrients.
  4. Use clean and sanitized cutters to ensure that you do not spread disease. Cutting your roses with the same cutters you cut a dead plant with can spread whatever killed that plant very easily.
  5. Place the cut roses in fresh water as soon as they are cut. They will lose a lot of water right after they are cut if they are not placed directly in water.

Selecting The Freshest Flowers

  • Select flowers from a florist that you know has fresh flowers. A local florist that has their own greenhouses and flowers growing is typically the best option.
  • Squeeze the stem at the point where it meets the flower. This should be as solid as possible. If it is loose or squishy, that means that it is starting to dry out.
  • Inspect your new roses for petals that are broken, ripped, or bruised. This is a sign that there could be more damage that you cannot see.
  • The biggest tip on how to keep roses alive after you buy them is to put them in water ASAP. Put them in water for the ride home if possible for the best results.

Prepare The Stems

  1. Cut the stems underwater! This stops air from getting into the stem and allows the rose to suck up much more water.
  2. Cut them at a 45 degree angle. Again, this will allow your rose to have the largest amount of usable surface area to absorb water.
  3. Remove all extra stems and leaves that are going to be below the water line. They are just going to take up space and start to rot, causing bacteria to build up.
  4. Trim another inch or so off every day to keep the cut fresh. This allows the flowers to keep sucking up water.

What’s In The Water?

Many people will suggest that you add all sorts of crazy things to the water to help keep your rose alive longer. Most of them work just because you are keeping up with changing the water so often, but some do work better than others. Here are a few of our favoriteWhats in the water methods to try:

Change The Water Every Day

This sounds like something that is a bit obvious, but it is often overlooked. Most people throw their flowers in a vase with water and call it a day. If they are really concerned, they will add the leftovers from the bottle of water that they drank with dinner.

Changing the water out with fresh water daily really helps keep your roses fresh. It will replenish the nutrients and stop the spread of bacteria.

Use The Included Flower Food

When you purchase cut flowers, they typically include a packet of flower food as an easy solution as to how to keep roses alive. The packet includes a mix of nutrients that are meant to preserve the flowers upon blooming. They will definitely give your flowers a few extra days of life.

Try some Aspirin

It sounds crazy, but adding a sing aspirin to the water acts as an acid neutralizer. This allows your roses to suck up more water and nutrients. If you don’t have plant food, it’s worth a try.

Adding ¼ Tablespoon Of Bleach

The true secret about how to keep roses alive is to make sure that disease does not get to them. Adding some bleach to the water will ensure that nothing grows in the water. This will help you rose survive a few extra days as well.

Picking The Right Flowers To Say Sorry

Picking The Right Flowers To Say SorryIf you make a mistake and are trying to make it up to someone, buying some flowers to say sorry is a good place to start.

Giving flowers is one of the oldest and best ways to say that you are sorry to someone other than saying it out loud. Receiving the flowers can calm someone down quickly while putting a smile on their face. Their are not many other ways to express that you are sorry while cheering them up at the same time.

The hardest part about sending flowers to say sorry is selecting the right flowers to send. You may want to pick red roses to tell your wife you are sorry for staying at the bar to late, but that might not be the best option if you are telling your brother you are sorry for his loss. This is why it is important that you make sure to do your research and select that right flower.

Below, you will find out list of the bet flower to say sorry in our personal opinion. They are not they only option and each has its own use. Make sure you keep the relationship between you and the person receiving the flowers in mind!


Chosing the right varietyRoses are a great way to say sorry to someone that you love. Roses are going to portray that you are sorry and make the other person smile at the same time. Picking out some long stemmed fresh roses Is the best way that I know of to tell my wife sorry.

Red roses have long been a symbol of love and affection. If you are not looking to tell the person that you are in love with them, yellow roses are another good option to send someone. You simply can’t go wrong with roses!


Giving someone an orchid is another great way to tell them that you are sorry. Orchids have a wide variety of meanings, but white is probably the best and luckily the most common. White orchids are often considered to portray the thought of “thinking about you”. Orchids are also great because they are often used to show a relationship and how it keeps growing and providing gorgeous flowers.


Over the past few centuries, the meaning of Daffodils has changed around drastically. These days, daffodils are thought to portray chivalry. They are a great flower to say sorry for something that you have done early in a relationship where roses might be a little too much.

Lilly Of The Valley

If you are looking to say you are sorry without going overboard, Lilly Of The Valley is a great way to tell a friend you are sorry. The flower is thought to show a return to happiness, like the beginning of spring. The delicate flowers have a very unique smell and will brighten anyone’s day.

A Colorful Bouquet is always a great option

If you would just like to get some nice flowers to say sorry but are not sure what feeling you are trying to show, a bouquet is the way to go. An assortment of flowers will cover all of your bases and provide a bright an colorful centerpiece for your kitchen table at the same time!