Behold The King Of Flowers

Roses Stand for Love And BeautyAdmit it, the first type of flower that you think of are roses. They are the number one gifted and the absolutely favorite to receive flower on the market. That is why the rose is considered the king of flowers.

Roses are one of the most beautiful and elegant flowers on the face of this planet. There are so many different shapes, sizes, scents, and colors to choose from that you are destined to enjoy at least a few. If not, then you are bound to have a loved one that will take them off your hands for you.

Roses have traditionally become the go-to gift for loved ones if you don’t have any idea at all. Whether you are going on a date, planning and anniversary, or sending flowers for mother’s day, the king of flowers is sure to show up somewhere in that planning. You simply can’t go wrong if you chose roses over any other flowers!

Some people argue that the rose should not be the king of flowers and believe that someone just made that up. They believe that there are more colorful, more beautiful, more fragrant, and more elegant flowers that are deserving of the name. While there are flowers that might beat the rose in each of those categories, no one lands in the top considerations for all of the above.

Roses are the perfect combination of all of the qualities that one would look for in a flower. They perform well in each and every aspect of being the greatest flower their ever was. That is where they get the name from!

Looking past the amazing qualities a rose provides, you will see the storied history they bring along. There is no other plant in the world that has been in more books, more poems, or more songs than the rose. You will find this amazing flower at the center of many stories throughout all cultures in the world.

Love And Beauty

Behold The King Of FlowersSeveral cultures believe that roses have a very significant meaning in their lives. The Greek, for example, believe that the king of flowers is a sign of pure love and beauty. They believe these elegant flowers only surface when Venus, the god of over and beauty, arrived from sea.


Most people also consider roses to be a sign of secrecy. This is a tradition that has been around since the 16th century English servants. They would wear a rose over their ear to ensure that anything that they hear will not be repeated to anyone else.

This symbol of secrecy is still around today all over the world. If someone has a secret crush or love, the most common thing to read about is to secretly send them a red rose.


Roses get their nickname because they don’t need anyone to announce their name when they show up to a party. When they walk in, everyone knows who they are and most people know why they are there.

You will see them referenced everywhere throughout the history books. It is not news that these are one of the most elegant and beautiful flowers you can find. They have always been able to live up to the name king of flowers.

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