How Long Do Roses Last In The Real World

How Long Do Roses Last In The Real WorldRoses are some of the most beautiful and meaningful flowers that someone can give. After receiving them, you will need to cut the stems and place them in a pot with water and flower food if it was included. The next step is to admire their beauty every day and wonder how long do roses last.

This question is much harder to answer than one may imagine. There are several different factors that will affect them answer. For example, if those roses were on display for a week before you bought them, they will not last as long as ones that were cut last night.

If you are looking for a generalized answer to how long do roses last realistically, then 2 weeks is the most likely answer. If you want the real answer, you will need to look through the factors below and make an estimate.

Which Variety Do You Have?

There are thousands of rose varieties and each one can be expected to last a different amount of time. While most see red, white, and pink roses, there are actually many more factors that affect the lifespan.

Each variety of rose has a different color, different size, number of peddles, and smell to it. The rule of thumb is that a red rose will generally outlast any white rose on the market for example.

The Growing Methods And Growing Conditions

Picking The Right Flowers To Say SorryIf you plant two of the exact same rose plant in two different locations, you are likely to get different results. If one farm has great soil, in the perfect climate, with ample fertilizer, there roses are going to last longer than the ones growing independently in my back yard.

The location in which the rose was grown has the biggest impact on how long do roses last. A rose great draining soil is much better than the clay that can be found in some locations. Factor in the temperature and amount of rain and you will have drastically different results.

Time And Conditions In Immediate Transient

As you could imagine, the amount of time and the conditions the roses are in while traveling to you will have a huge impact on how long they last. If your rose in thrown in a hot trunk and driven across the country over the course of a week, they are not going to last as long as one picked in your back yard right now.

Time In Transient

Most reputable rose sellers will purchase their roses locally so that they are still fresh when they sell them. They want the roses to look fresh as long as possible just like you do. That gives them the best chance to sell them for full price.

Conditions In Transient To Store

If your roses were shipped in from another location, then you better hope they were stored correctly. It is important that they are stored with water in a cool environment. You may have noticed that flower shops keep their displays in specific conditions so that they last for as long as possible. Those conditions are the same as you are looking for when being transported.


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