Tips On How To Keep Roses Alive

Tips On How To Keep Roses AliveRoses have long been one of the most gifted flowers on the planet. They are beautiful, fragrant, and elegant all at the same time. In this article, we are going to discuss a few tips on how to keep roses alive so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible.

There is a lot that can affect how long your rose bloom will last when you put it in the center of the table. Some of the tips will help you select when, where, and how to cut the rose from the bush while others will help you keep roses alive longer after they are on your table.

If you are cutting the roses yourself, then you can follow both sets of tips and get the most out of your beautiful flowers. If you received some from the store already, then you can just skip to the second part that pertains to you. None of these are labor intensive and most just suggest ways to improve on something that you were already going to have to do in the first place!

Cutting Your New Flowers

  1. Water your rose thoroughly the night before you plant on cutting. This allows the flower to soak in as much water as possible and extend its lifespan.
  2. Cut the rose in the morning – Cutting them in the morning before it gets hot and they start to dry out makes a huge difference. You want to conserve as much moisture as you can.
  3. Cut the stem at a 45 degree angle. This angle gives them the most usable surface area in the water to absorb needed nutrients.
  4. Use clean and sanitized cutters to ensure that you do not spread disease. Cutting your roses with the same cutters you cut a dead plant with can spread whatever killed that plant very easily.
  5. Place the cut roses in fresh water as soon as they are cut. They will lose a lot of water right after they are cut if they are not placed directly in water.

Selecting The Freshest Flowers

  • Select flowers from a florist that you know has fresh flowers. A local florist that has their own greenhouses and flowers growing is typically the best option.
  • Squeeze the stem at the point where it meets the flower. This should be as solid as possible. If it is loose or squishy, that means that it is starting to dry out.
  • Inspect your new roses for petals that are broken, ripped, or bruised. This is a sign that there could be more damage that you cannot see.
  • The biggest tip on how to keep roses alive after you buy them is to put them in water ASAP. Put them in water for the ride home if possible for the best results.

Prepare The Stems

  1. Cut the stems underwater! This stops air from getting into the stem and allows the rose to suck up much more water.
  2. Cut them at a 45 degree angle. Again, this will allow your rose to have the largest amount of usable surface area to absorb water.
  3. Remove all extra stems and leaves that are going to be below the water line. They are just going to take up space and start to rot, causing bacteria to build up.
  4. Trim another inch or so off every day to keep the cut fresh. This allows the flowers to keep sucking up water.

What’s In The Water?

Many people will suggest that you add all sorts of crazy things to the water to help keep your rose alive longer. Most of them work just because you are keeping up with changing the water so often, but some do work better than others. Here are a few of our favoriteWhats in the water methods to try:

Change The Water Every Day

This sounds like something that is a bit obvious, but it is often overlooked. Most people throw their flowers in a vase with water and call it a day. If they are really concerned, they will add the leftovers from the bottle of water that they drank with dinner.

Changing the water out with fresh water daily really helps keep your roses fresh. It will replenish the nutrients and stop the spread of bacteria.

Use The Included Flower Food

When you purchase cut flowers, they typically include a packet of flower food as an easy solution as to how to keep roses alive. The packet includes a mix of nutrients that are meant to preserve the flowers upon blooming. They will definitely give your flowers a few extra days of life.

Try some Aspirin

It sounds crazy, but adding a sing aspirin to the water acts as an acid neutralizer. This allows your roses to suck up more water and nutrients. If you don’t have plant food, it’s worth a try.

Adding ¼ Tablespoon Of Bleach

The true secret about how to keep roses alive is to make sure that disease does not get to them. Adding some bleach to the water will ensure that nothing grows in the water. This will help you rose survive a few extra days as well.

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